Are you a traveler at heart, but you do not have the funds to accomplish your dreams? You can actually travel the world with no money. Here is how go about it. 

Countless number of people dream about quitting their 9-5 jobs to tour the world. The fear of quitting and eventually failing at what you venture into has kept so many from submitting their resignation letters. To be candid, this is a wise decision you are about to take.  You don’t have to stay glued in that cubicle of yours anymore. Do you want to quit the rat race? Then this article is for you.

“Why do you want to quit, are you crazy? For crying out loud you are earning a good salary and you are living comfortably. I hope you won’t regret this.” These will be the words on everybody’s lips and it might get you bothered or even confused. A lot of people have been there and were able to scale through against all odds. Have you made up your mind about quitting your shitty job? If you have, then these are what you need to know;

Be Goal Oriented

A number of people want to quit their jobs and travel the world, but it is very relevant to think about why you want to quit and what you want to get out of travelling across the world. Survey has shown that most people who quit their jobs just to travel across the world do so because of the nature of their jobs. When the job gets boring and frustrating, such is expected. They often want to travel as far as possible from their location to start a new life.

Knowing how to achieve this should be the next thing cropping up on your mind. Setting a goal is extremely important; if you don’t set goals, how will you be a goal getter? If you are not a goal getter, how will you be successful? Establishing how much you want to save from your salary every month is a goal.

Financial Stability

You must have saved a very good amount of cash before quitting your job to travel the world. Your savings must be able to pay your bills for a while before the stream of income you are about to create or establish starts to pay your bills. After ending the relationship between you and your employer, you should look into selling all those things that are breaking you financially. There are no more paychecks, so your lifestyle has to change.

Source of Income

A very important aspect you need to consider is another source of income to pay your bills while you are travelling round the world. You might want to do freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing or maybe vlogging as this will fetch you plenty of cash while you asleep.

Not having another source of income will lead to disaster. You won’t be able to meet your former colleagues or family and friends because most of them advised you not to quit.

When you sell your services to employers without a long term contract, you are termed to be a freelancer. This is a very viable and profitable profession. You earn after every job compared to your old job in which you have to wait till the month ends before you get paid. There are so many freelance web developers, writers, video editors, graphics designers, programmers, just name it, and you can work from anywhere.

Millions of dollars are made from blogs every year by bloggers. A lot of have turned blogging to their major source of income because it is very profitable and viable. As an affiliate marketer, you get to sell a product owned by a company and you get a percentage of what you sell. This can be done in the comfort of your bedroom.

Vlogging requires you to make quality and very creative videos for people to watch. YouTube which is the most popular video site pay people when they monetize their videos. Wouldn’t it be cool making thousands of dollars from your comfort zone every month?

The more reason why it is imperative to quit your job before touring Europe or any other part of the world is simply because you won’t be able to do that while you are still on your 9-5 job. Your employer would need you in the office working endlessly.

Travel Insurance

There are different kinds of accidents that can occur while travelling. They are not the kind that you prepare for. They are mostly unexpected. There was a story of a lady who got hit by a car while she was on tour. She was admitted to the hospital and they began treatment on her. The total cost for her treatment was $5000. Luckily for her, she was on insurance.  Many people do not know the importance of insurance so they don’t consider this before travelling. They end up with regrets when something goes wrong.

You can quit the cubicle life to travel the world, it is not difficult at the same time it is not going to be easy. You just have to believe you can survive without being stuck to your chair and being uncomfortable in your official wear. If you know you believe you can do it, you can.